VERA vol.1

Before getting back to after a year and a half away, the thought process was, what will separate it from where family and wedding pics are housed on the web that I've shot. Then out of no where I get a call from my other half Mr. Dudly P. Rushmore asking for a large file format to use with the YS Logo. I couldn't make a big proper one the needed size because I never had to before. We got through it but I knew an alternative was needed. Enter Adobe Photoshop. I'd never used it but the word "photoshop" had become a short hand for any and everything done to photograph on the internet. Out of no where it made sense. would blend photography and graphic design in photos which I've never done before. Finally started to feel like I've arrived at a party I've been late to, but it's still going showing no signs of slowing. But a new photo shoot with a heavy post edit was needed but who could I call for help? It didn't need to be someone I've never worked with before but I did want to signal a brand new beginning. Then I met the problem solver... her name's Vera Nicole. Just a chance encounter and simply saying hello (see there's my secret for getting models ;) next thing ya' know she's in front of the camera & I'm behind the camera. Named "SHOT CALLER SHOOTS" these are the images that make up

This is the 1st photoshoot I've done that had a announcement video for it!