The End Of All Things To Come

I remember my excitement level from 2006 when gal pal and hair stylist Mandie introduced me to Adrianne. The lady featured in these here photos. She's an amazing human and I'm so thankful she took a chance on shooting with a guy with not much of a portfolio or track record in the style of photography that got me into picking up a camera in the first place. Modeling. This would be "the" center piece shoot for my own upstart Carolina's Photography which I had not even thought of starting yet at the time of this shoot. By no one's fault, but my own this would be the last attempt at my favorite type of photo shoot for six years. My favorite type that would give me the confidence to start my own photo biz. The type that inspired me to give picture taking a try in High School. The foundation of so much. Just dormant and missing. All that was left were these photos by a model who elevated my picture taking in ways to numerous to mention. She was a major building block, but I didn't know at the time that was the end of all things to come.

Meaning there was plenty of photo shoots happening but not the ones that really fueled me. It was the shoots I liked and loved but not the ones I really liked and loved so much it would drive me to think about snapping pics in my sleep. This happens all the time in life and with other photographers too as I've learned. So busy trying to do what seems best for business you forget the fun bit that got you started in the first place. This shoot was the end alright. The end of doing my favorite thing my favorite way.

What would come would be portraits and weddings of many new wonderful people who would go on to become friends and family. Not a bad deal right there at all. It's not like none of the things from this style of shooting wasn't used and was never present in the pics I did. It's just having a confident wonderful model is like the difference between playing sports in the back yard and playing sports as a pro athlete. The mindset is very different.

So many things can happen operating in this way. One such thing is becoming complaisant. It was not due to lack of interest in still photography, but a lack of interest to get better at still photography for the first time in a decade. So what finally changed and snapped me out of what now feels like a terrible disgusting funk of wasted years not trying to grow? Three things jump out. Seeing so many photographers constantly on social media raising the bar in ways I could not think of in a million years. New techniques and constantly learning how to execute those new skills. And mainly the right people have come along to who know how to inspire, push, and give a kick in the ass when necessary. Some I know some are just ones I admire from afar. If it's positive don't stray to far from what you love. You can't ever go to far you can't find your way home. I'm thankful to be back home with the shoots I feel the most proud of shown off on this very websight. Thanks for hanging out with me on this blog post. -Yeag