Towards the end of this very shoot that became Vol. 2 the question arose... "what'd we do for vol. 3?" A question that shows that it felt like we had some shots to post this time around, which you never know the pics could of been less-than-stellar (impossible with Vera) by the time they made it to the edit.

The answer however is for another day as my tag-team partner has once again elevated things in two ways. 1st these classic cars supplied by Vera and her wonderful family have made this the most expensive photo shoot of my existence! 2nd some of the images I had only a hope of how they'd turn out, but then Vera went and made my thoughts into a reality that's greater than anything I could dream up.

One of the the photo goals... I know what you're thinking, "there's goals?" Yes there is! I really wanted to have some shots that made you feel something a little bit more than last time. More mood and a little bit more grounded. Using more filmic techniques for digital images that I didn't know existed 2 months prior when Vol. 1 was shot, edited, and posted.

Hope you enjoy and remember... know when to call the shots.


Esse Quam Videri