Chance... You hear it all the time, take a chance in life or those chance encounters where if you weren't at a certain place at a certain time it could alter your present day. Both of those types of chances are well on display here on this very page.

Had I not made it out on the town around Halloween it's not entirely possible I'd run into Hannah. Likewise what if the photographer (um... me) would of been just another hack job trying to figure out how to use auto focus on his camera with no idea how to to do a photo shoot. I mean the Shot Callers Gallery was not on display yet because we met before it's return in April 2017.

Once again simply asking and getting a yes (note* that's how these things get done for those wondering) has led to our first shoot together! Shot at the end of June on an almost 100 degree day Hannah stayed cool the entire time. From "stealing" shots in arcades to getting dirty looks in candy stores Myrtle Beach wasn't just a spot we happened to be in, but there's a bit of the feeling doing the street photography that Myrtle has played a crucial part in the photos themselves offering it's own characteristics to ever photo.

So when the chance comes your way take it. As we say around here know when to call your own shots.