First thing's first. Thank You to J.P. Tepper, Matt Baker, Jamie Rowell, Chip Williamson and Mr. Dudley P. Rushmore for making Seen On Radio. Our 2015 Blackbird Film Fest Short (non competitive) done to see if we could pull off a flick, or at least a short flick. And it appears we have!

Well now... if anyone would of said in the winter of 2014 I'd be here typing about our lil'short coming to a platform like Amazon Video I'm not sure I'd been able to sleep for three years from all the excitement! Indy film makers have been sattled with the issue of getting distribution for projects since the beginning of films until right this very moment, so it's great oppertunity to be on this particular platform. We've always had YouTube and there's zero stank on that platform from a vehicle to get projects seen stand point. It's got littearlly a billion users and viewers, but I did notice it isn't quite the same as a Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon platform. Even though I personally do use the YouTube App on my TV a lot of people who view our stuff simply don't. Hopefully, this will entice you to try watching us on the tele for the first time in full 1080p via the Amazon Video App.

It really is like hanging out with friends you haven't seen awhile. Konner and Crenshaw in the studio on their day off learn their old buddy Shawn Summers is gunning for their job. Not the save the world stakes, but a nice solid self contained tale as or first time into work of fiction. It's also our first time with success in a festival, our first time getting us on a platform like Amazon, and most importantly the first time having so much fun with a group of people who put the coal (do trains still run off coal?) in the fire on this lil' train of ours that doesn't seem like it wants to stop! Hopefully you'll ride along with us and we can all get seen together.


Originally meant to be a three part web series with the option to make into one short, we present the scripts for SEEN ON RADIO.