The "2nd Shot Caller"

The second photo shoot from high school with one of my longest friendships dating back to 6th grade with Monique. Circa 2001.

The 4 Pics from above from our 2010 SHOT CALLER SHOOT. The one below is from my/our first "scheduled photo shoot" from asking Monique if she'd be interested in taking pics with me over our lunch break. Circa 2000.

Below pics from a 2004

This shoot took a little while for me to see the pics since it was on film, Monique offered to pay for development. It took a few months for me to finally see the prints and years later the photos had to be "fixed" due to the damaged negatives.

One side of the original and never used for years business card that would eventually be used on hoodie strings printed by me.

This is the shoot that more than any other single handedly made me say maybe just maybe this photography thing might be something I can do. Monique gave me go ahead to take a shot. No doubt she's "2nd Shot Caller", buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut whose the 1st???