A Decade Of Pictures On The Radio.

Exhausted editing, a common mode for editors to be in unfortunately, but at least I can take breaks when needed. That wasn't really the issue on January 22nd at 1pm. The issue was the music bed wasn't audible when played on normal low quality speakers in a loud environment. Basically the music became white noise that would drowned out. Not what you want for a Radio Ad designed to get people's attention. While I wondered why I didn't catch this issue before there was 4 hours to go until the commercial had to be delivered to the radio station. I noticed that this wasn't a thought I would of had ten years earlier. The technical side wasn't given much consideration. Just having the chance to develop ( a word we photographers like) and make a real radio commercial that was actually going to be heard on real radio was the only thing I was worri...no...actually... thrilled about!

I still find this bit funny, but others weren't laughing along with the joke. My first brush with the YouTube comment section saw commenters letting me know my photos weren't that great when our video simply had the message to look at photographers previous work before hiring them. Although they weren't entirely wrong. My photos were not what they needed to be looking back them. At least not what they needed to be for the role of an "authoritarian". Fair enough. Then the commercial still has splits among my media friends. The fact that this ad was pulled from the air waves after taking some advice from those who've been in the radio business longer than me shows I came down on the side of "maybe it wasn't right". Wishing I had the idea of how to structure radio ads like I do ten years later doesn't really do any good now. It's a different time and I have different feelings about what fits an audience on the radio now. Still, I absolutely love this part of our radio history. Later ads would have me not do the voice work. After picking another beautiful voiced announcer who would turn out to have a problem with pronouncing either the word "PORTRAIT" or "PHOTOGRAPHER"? I can't recall which word. I was back in the announcer seat. Which shows the immaturity and the lack of knowing what separates photographers from each other among the general public. Which is simply being the known name among the general public. I had to be myself and that meant being actually myself literally in the radio spots.

For our latest Radio Advert. The goals were clear, clean up were the Voice Work. The Mic Sound. More "Punchier" Music. Plus a better script structure for a radio ad. Take a listen below.

The staple from years ago, The Camera Click Sound Effect is in there along with our latest more juiced up sounding Camera Sounds. The same royalty free music from our Vlogs and Wedding Highlights are used. No phone number is given. Only our sister web sight photo17.com as the call to action. Our ROI isn't very good on on these commercials but they are a wonderful asset to have as part of our overall media presentations and content creation. There was never and still is no long term plan to keep producing radio commercials. Everyone one of them is year to year commercial to commercial. So we'll see what develops.

Thanks for being you

and reading this.;)