Favorite Videos in 2021 from Oculus Tech Reviews, Creative Tips for Photo + Video and Wedding Vlogs

We (Me and Renegade the Dog) sat down to do our video of 2021 like all the other videos we do, eat way to many cookies and drank to much soda until we pass out and hopefully something gets accomplished! We just wanted to pivot to talking Oculus VR and we’re answering questions in the comments of YouTube as recently as this morning! And that cover photo though! Thanks to all the help from all the VR community and viewers we got something recorded to put back out in the real world.

"Wait, you can hear the nuptials in this video?" Has been a question I don't mind responding with a "Yes" over and over again! This is our biggest technological feat in video this year, but that's not the point. We're gathered here for a love story featuring the union of Christina & Justin and you're invited!

Possibly the most underrated video of the year is all about... a capture card. This style of card is perfect for 90% of people wanting to get into live streaming who want to take the quality up a bit. There's cheaper alternatives but Elgato has the build quality for heavy use and reliability.

My 2021 Vlog of the Year features The Wedding of Ryan Howle Hughes and Geoff Hughes


you two! It also get's my pick for best wedding day work attire with the all denim outfit after being told this was a costume party............. it wasn't.

Vlogging rehearsals is always fun! It's useful as can be (more on that in the video) and this was the first vlog on a different camera so it was building the plane while flying but we got through it!

Looking back on things this year, to what I thought was the most technical video I ever attempted (until this month) and it's also homage to my fav show of 2021 WandaVision!

Thanks for stopping by, already bringing in 2022!